We are sorry to inform you that due to lack of demand, the lenticular material that is used for FUJIFILM 3D printing has been discontinued. We are no longer taking orders as we do not have the material to process them.

We thank you for your support.

FUJIFILM 3D Print Team

3D Print Guide

Before printing your images, make sure you view them on a 3D screen viewer or on the back of your camera to ensure that you are happy with the results.

It is important that you read the following information before placing an order.
For more information to help you achieve the best results from your FinePix Real 3D camera please refer to your owner’s manual.

Unfortunately, the 3D printing process cannot enhance your images.

Please note that to ensure the minimum amount of cropping is applied to your finished print, the following print sizes should be chosen:

7 x 5 inches - 4:3 image
9 x 6 inches - 3:2 image or 16:9 image

This table shows which types of images give the best results when printing in 3D.

  Suitable for 3D printing Not Suitable for 3D Printing
Image Orientation



Shooting Distance

All subjects within 5 to 3 m

Background close to subject


Long distance shots

Subject far from background

Number of People

A few people

Groups of people


A number of subjects at different distances between the foreground and background. For example:




Night scene

Geometrical patterns

Very fine detail

Subject is too small

Other considerations that will help you create a lovely 3D print and keep it safe forever.

  • Due to the nature of 3D images, up to 2mm may be cropped from the edge of your image when printed
  • Please note that the actual print colour may differ from the colour displayed on your viewer or camera’s LCD screen

How to keep your 3D prints looking their best for longer

  • Handle the prints carefully. Do not put fingerprints or dust on the surface of the print and please take care not to scratch the surface of a print with the corner of another.
  • Please store the prints in the print bag supplied with the order. Avoid storing your prints in places:
    • with high temperatures and / or humidity
    • where chemicals are stored
    • in direct sunlight

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