A Momentum in Wildlife Photography

Photography is one of amazing way to explore the world while expressing what you see of it through your mind’s eye. It is an ability to see the beauty in ordinary, extraordinary and beyond.

Among all genres of photography’s art, wildlife photography is definitely one of the most exciting one. It is just simply for the photographer being at the right places at right times to capture the right moment. Ansel Adams said, “A good photograph is knowing where to stand perfectly befits wildlife photography scenarios”. And absolutely, it’s not just about where you pose the camera, but many other aspects involved in the process of capturing one wild moment that can be eternally alive.  That was amazing, isn’t it

Wildlife photography is the product of patient and diligence, it can be said it is an alias for patience. Stayed still in one position for hours only to get a perfect moment of animals in their natural habitat is something that many photographers cannot do; clearly, a big family of monkeys or aloof lion scarcely cares if you ask to pose! But, it is the satisfaction and beauty of the wildlife genre. Animals are in their characters when they are in their habitats and just watching them move is a already treat for the eyes. Capturing those natural character moves in photographs in many different environmental conditions, getting to know about them and their habits among themselves, but still being careful to not invade their space is an art that anyone would like to master!

Michael Nick Nichols, the winner of one of the most acclaimed awards – Wildlife Photographer of The Year’ in year 2014, tells that whenever we need to fight with the facts, we go back to pictures. In one of the interview with TIME magazine, he expressed his attitude towards photography, when somewhere we lose the facts, it can be brought into existence once again with the help of pictures. Photography plays the strongest role here because data and science don’t lie. Michael has been a photographer for more than 30 years and continues his invaluably contribute to the realms of wildlife photography until today.


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