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When considering buying a motorized vehicle to commute around the city, most people prefer cars or motorbikes, but there are a number of other options that you might not have thought of before. For example, motor listrik can fill a gap between conventional bicycles and motorbikes. Electric motors are easy to use and do not require high operational costs to move from one place to another. Unlike traditional bikes, electric motors do not need to be pedaled and can go as fast as 30 miles per hour, and do not require a driving license when using it on the streets.
Although the price of an electric motorbike is still relatively expensive, the operating costs are much cheaper than conventional cars or motorbikes. Because an electric motor uses an electric battery, the cost will come from your home electricity bill, and that’s not much. It costs around IDR 1400 per 40 km, much cheaper compared to regular fuel which can cost up to thirty or forty times the price. The vehicle itself is also easy to maintain.
motor listrik
Another advantage of the electric motorbike is that this vehicle is environmentally friendly, because the electric motor does not emit harmful exhaust fumes when used. The only pollution from ebike comes from anything that is generated by the power plant (indirect) and the possibility of improper battery disposal. Electric motors do use high capacity batteries, which must be discarded properly and cannot be thrown away. Fortunately, this high capacity battery is also durable so that the waste of this particular product is not that many.
Electric motors can be operated by anyone who can ride a motorcycle and they do not need a special permit to drive it. Of course, children may not be encouraged to use an electric motorbike, but electric motors can be used as a bicycle replacement for longer distances such as shopping or going to and from work.
Electric motors usually have a slim body, making them suitable for city use. With an electric motorbike, your trip will be more enjoyable and can get to the place you want easily. Electric-powered motorcycles are not fast, so they are suitable to penetrate traffic jams in urban areas.
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