Samsung Digital Whiteboard Flip Connects Creativity and Innovation

Conventional flipcharts are arguably old-fashioned to this day – past the days where presenters are busy looking for colored markers, struggling with a thick stack of papers and stabilizing a tripod stand that is easily shaky.

It’s all in the past because now, digital whiteboards have taken over. The interactive digital whiteboard makes it easy for presenters to first load certain graphics and text, along with the ability to add content using stylus or fingers.

Mike van Lier, Samsung’s Consumer Electronics Director for South Africa, said, “We designed Samsung Flip with innovation – allowing users to focus on innovative thinking, rather than just dwelling on markers and paper piles. The Samsung Flip is truly a collaborative device, and up to four people can write simultaneously, using any object as a writing tool. ”

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Most offices now only have limited space for meetings. Conditions like this are very suitable for collaboration – and technology helps to generate ideas easier. With interactive screens and its myriad features, from intuitive recording and navigation, versatile connectivity, and ergonomic design to innovative touch screen technology for smooth writing, plus the quality of UHD images, pushing digital capabilities into meeting rooms makes a lot of sense. Samsung Flip provides solutions to collaboration and brainstorming problems:

The interactive display feature from recording to intuitive navigation allows creative thinking at every meeting.

Versatile connectivity and ergonomic design support collaboration.

Innovative touch screen technology for smooth writing plus UHD image quality.

Portable stands equipped with wheels (sold separately) allow meetings to be held anywhere.

Flip Notation gives the impression of writing traditionally into a digital format, with various colors, models and text thickness. Up to 4 people can write simultaneously, using any object as a writing tool. You can also delete content on the screen with just the palm of your hand.

Flip navigation provides intuitive and easy-to-use menu options to simplify navigation and reduce the time needed to access controls or view content as a whole. The facilitator can also preview content on each page and make changes on the screen instantly.

Through Flip connectivity, Flip Capture allows you and your team to share and create notations in various content files, of course, with optimal visual quality.

“Another remarkable feature of Flip is the security aspect – your digital content can be secured with a password to lock a display or delete important content from the display,” Van Lier continued.

The future may not be entirely paperless, but it certainly leads to digital, and the ability to collaboratively communicate to all people digitally will be common in any workplace.

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