Do not get late to eat because it can cause the next thing

Actually the body tutorial reacts when you don’t aka eat late the same as a cellphone that runs out of power, aka a four-wheeled gas vehicle, free gas. The launch of, Wednesday (07/04/2018), here are various factors due to the body when you often eat late aka miss the hours you eat.

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1. Unhealthy weight loss
When you eat late aka skip eating altogether, the body will experience shock. Keep all the food eaten and make them fat. So, even if it is proven true that you are losing weight because you often eat late, less fat will be produced to protect your body from muscle loss.

2. Increased weight
When you start eating normally again, your weight will occur in the form of fat. Skipping food will only make you eat too much.

3. Your brain will become unclear
You will lose performance to work well, feel dizzy, and not focus. The body needs essential nutrients to restore brain power.
When you feel tired of spending hours eating, the brain loses its mental and physical motivation. If this is repeated, then you will only feel more tired and unproductive.

4. You will feel weak and pale
Unhealthy eating habits can also remove luster on your skin and face. Do you also often seem weak and pale?

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