Here’s how to save data for you Android users

Apart from which smart cellphone operator is used, the factor they want is the use of economical data packages. If you use an Android smart phone, there are some settings that you can change to minimize unnecessary data usage.

1. Activate Chrome Data Saver
Google has completed the Chrome browser with a data repair feature that can be easily activated. CNET said, when this feature is active, Chrome will minimize the size of images and websites accessed through your mobile device.
To enable this Data Storage feature, first enter the Chrome browser. After that, tap the vertical three-point icon on the top right and select the “Settings” option. In the “Advanced” stage, you will find the “Data saver” option. Enter the stage and activate this feature.

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2. Lower the value of video streaming
Netflix, Google Play Music, and Snapchat offer options to reduce data package usage. When you use a data package, not WiFi, you must set the video value with the lowest value. That way, your package is not pressed quickly.
Travel Mode on Snapchat will not reduce the value of the video alias image in the application. However, this feature will make the software not download exclusive content from the software when not in use. Data rescue features are usually also available in other software, such as Facebook and Instagram.

3. Stop using Facebook software
If you want to save on data packages, there’s nothing wrong. You stop using Facebook software and access general media through the browser. Because the Facebook web site uses less data than their software. In addition, it will also not take place in the background and will still send a comment announcement.

4. Control services are synchronized automatically
When you activate a Google account on an Android device, it will automatically synchronize several services that are connected to your Google account, such as Google Keep and Google Fit.
You can restrict the services that are synchronized automatically by accessing the Settings menu on the phone. After that, select Account and choose your Google account. If you use more than one Gmail account on your mobile, so you can choose one of these accounts. Then you can disable the synchronization feature on services that you don’t need.

5. Limit data usage in the background
There are some software that automatically checks your email account, aka general media, even when your phone is locked. To turn off this process, you just enter the Settings menu> Use Data. Then, select the menu button on the top right and select “Limit background data”.
On devices that use Android 7.0, you can use the features above by activating the “Data saver” feature, which is also in the Settings menu> Data Usage. In the Data Usage stage, you can also limit your data usage quota. You can also arrange so that you get a warning when you have used a quota for a certain level.
In the image below, the orange line gives the maximum limit for using data packets, while the red line provides a usage threshold that makes cellphone warnings.

6. Save music and offline movies
If possible, while you download music, aka a movie you want to watch on your mobile. In addition to music and movies, Google now also allows Map users to download maps from certain areas. That way, you don’t need to continue connecting to the internet.

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