Easy Way to Report Facebook Groups

The police successfully arrested 3 managers of the Facebook Saracen group who distributed SARA content (Tribe, Race, Religion, and Group). However, Chairman of the House of Representatives Commission I Abdul Kharis Almasyhari argued that this was an iceberg phenomenon. In other words, there are still a number of other groups whose existence has not been revealed.

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What can you do if you are looking for a Facebook group that distributes SARA content?

Facebook already provides reporting features that users can use. So, if you are looking for a Facebook group that contains illegal content, then you can immediately report it. Illegal content that applies is not limited to SARA content, but also pornography and content that violates copyright.

Reporting to Facebook groups uploading illegal content is quite easy. First, you just need to go to the Facebook group page that you want to report. After that, click the button with three horizontal dot icons under the cover photo, next to the give button and select an alternative “Page Report”.

Then, Facebook will ask you to choose an argument why you preach the Facebook group. For SARA, other illegal content, the alternative you can choose is “I don’t think this should be on Facebook”.

After that, Facebook will ask you to show more detailed information about the argument why the content uploaded by the group is not appropriate for viewing on Facebook. One argument you can choose is “This is hate speech”.

Then, you can determine the hate speech goals built by the group that you report. There are 4 alternatives found by Facebook, namely ethnicity / ethnicity, religious groups, gender type, aka sexual orientation and people with disabilities, aka diseases.

In the end, you can put your report on Facebook. In addition, you can also block Facebook groups that contain illegal content alias hide content from groups so they don’t appear on your homepage.

You can also preach the Facebook group through the application. The trick is not much different. First, you go to the Facebook group page that you want to report. After that, tap the three-point icon in the top right, then select the “Report” alternative. Same as you complain about Facebook groups over the desktop, here, you will be asked to choose an argument to report.

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