List of 5 Humans Who Have Super Strength

So far, not a few believe that the super powers possessed by heroes in Hollywood films are mere discoveries. Many assume that there is no time for people on earth to have such tension.
However, this assumption is wrong. There are various in the real world who are blessed with strength and performance more like the heroes in Marvel aka DC movies.
Here are five people who have super powers in the real world.

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A Little Girl Who Doesn’t Feel Sense
Olivia Farnsworth did not have time to feel sick. He was born with a condition called chromosome 6 deletion, which made him painful, and there was no sense of danger at all.
In various cases, this is an extraordinary gift. That helped him to insist on fate because of the car. The car passed through his chest and dragged him various meters before stopping.
But even though his family panicked, Olivia just woke up, swung her mother’s hand, and said, “What happened?” The only argument he had survived was his super fear that made him not tense. He did not have time to feel tired or hungry, so his mother was forced to force enough to eat his food, and sleeping pills just to make him alive.

Women With Perfect Memory
Jill Price didn’t have time to forget anything. He was asked about everything that had happened in his life, and he was able to remember the date, time, and every little detail about everything he experienced. His mind was a kind of endless video recorder capable of playing every event in the past.
Although it seems cool, but there are prices that must be paid. Because his memory is so clear, he often feels difficult to concentrate on what is happening around him. He routinely gets distracted by past memories, making it very difficult for him to focus on learning new things.

Women with Super Hearing
Justine Mitchell was 39 years old when she got an extraordinary trial. He made a situation called dehiscence, the superior channel that caused everything he heard to be strengthened to an extraordinary level. This impressed him like Superman.
However, apparently, the super trial made his life suffer. Mitchell’s hearing was so strong he could hear his own eyes move.

Garry Rubber Man
For Four Excellent lovers, it is certainly not friendly with Mr. Fantastic who has super strength in an elastic body shape. It’s in fact non-fiction. Garry Turner is Mr. Really real. He was born with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, a condition that causes his skin to loose as a rubber band.
He also regularly gets sick every time of his life. From the moment he woke up, Garry Turner tasted persistent pain, and his painful under-skin burns, he was obliged to wear a morphine statue just to pass the day.
His soft skin also made him suffer from hemophilia. The skin has a very difficult blood clot, which means that when it is cut, blood will usually spill without stopping.

Women Who Can See 100 Million Colors
Most people have three types of cones in their eyes, which allows them to watch the spectrum of seven million colors. Millions of other colors out there in the universe cannot be seen by all but various animals.
But a woman known only as the codename cDa29 has four full-purpose cone types, allowing her to watch a large spectrum of 100 million colors.
As a result, the practical effect is that he only watches not a few colors that he cannot communicate with others. For the most part, the complex nuances he saw only made it difficult to understand the colors seen by other people.

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