ZUMA’S REVENGE Review for Play Online

It’s classic game room broadcasting from the intergalactic space arcade alien free this time apparently its sequel weekend I’m reviewing Zuma’s Revenge The Revenge of Zuma on the Nintendo DS and what really gets me about this game is the rating for mild cartoon violence mild they got to be kidding me what’s more violent than shooting colored gems with a cartoon frog cover your eyes kids.

This game is so violent it actually sprays blood out of the Nintendo DS speakers I’m making that up it doesn’t really do that it’s not the shining it’s Zuma’s Revenge a mobile version of Zuma on the Nintendo DS and this is also available for the iPhone and iPad obviously we’re watching the DS version where the game is played using the touchscreen and stylus it’s just that simple well I don’t claim to be any good at these games they’re a lot of fun PopCap makes some of the best relaxing casual style games around.

If you’ve enjoyed games like Plants vs. Zombies Peggle and bejeweled then odds are you’ll also enjoy Zuma’s Revenge or at least Zuma which I reviewed a while back for the Xbox 360 it’s on a bunch of platforms now but this one is all about the touchscreen controls it’s basically the same game as Zuma sort of well not exactly but they’re certainly very similar the only gripe I have with this version is that the DS screen is a bit low resolution to truly enjoy the visuals it’s a better-looking game on the iPad but it plays really well with the DS stylus so the controls are good and it’s a good game if you’ve played Zuma you’ll know exactly what to do.

In this one as you see you shoot the color gems with the Frog lining up three of them are more well score points and you can get combos and other stuff like power-ups like other PopCap games there is a massive adventure mode with lots of levels as well as some challenges and there’s an all-new versus mode in this game and let’s not forget about boss battles that’s right there’s boss battles in Zuma’s Revenge here’s a look at a standard level you complete enough of these to open up the boss battles and prepare for the worst your enemies are like Tiki gods which are the theme of the game but I think they should have messed with you and put in end bosses from games like Gradius and r-type look at this ultra-mild violence it’s insane.

In this boss battle what you have to do is clear out some of the gems and then shoot the tiki guides and finally shoot the end boss tiki guide who has health points very clever you can almost feel his pain through the DS screen I’m going to have nightmares now another feature is the daily dungeon where I’m playing as the space frog frogs in space it’s the realism that makes Zuma’s Revenge good if I had to choose a version of this game I would probably pick the iPad version which is affordable and glistens with HD visuals but if you don’t have an iPad and want to play Zuma’s Revenge zumadeluxe.biz the DS version is perfectly fun and playable it’s another winning game from PopCap they really know how to put these things out Zuma’s Revenge the revenge of Zuma with that ultra mild cartoon violence rated E for Everyone except space frogs.

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