Pastel bubblegum hair color: Something you need to try


When talking about hair colors for winter 2019, there are so many choices of best tones you can pick, including coppery red, platinum blonde, and so on.

The example of winter 2019 hair color trends we are going to talk about in this post is quite stunning actually.

This is called as the pastel bubblegum hair color trend. As a matter of fact, bubblegum hair color is something that was trending in the year of 2014.

For 2019, as quoted from the hair trend seems to be trending again but it does not use the variety of bold and shocking bubblegum colors. Instead, this new hair trend tends to focus more on the pastel accents.

A Sweeter and Dreamier Look
The pastel bubblegum hair colors for winter 2019 are, as told in the previous part, not the same with the old bubblegum color trend that seemed to be so bold with its choices of shocking colors, including the shocking pink color.

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The bubblegum color that is more trending in 2019 is the one that is made to have the pastel look and accents. That is the reason why this new hair color trend has a sweeter and dreamier look, which is simply suitable to pair with the cold season.

The hair trend is not only limited in the use of one pastel bubblegum color only, like blue, pink, or purple. If you want to, you can use more than just a color here in order to create ombre style. The example is the combination between blue bubblegum and purple bubblegum or pink bubblegum hair tone.

The Combination of Two Trends at Once
Other fun fact you also need to know about this new trend of hair colors for winter 2016 is that it is actually the combination of two trends at once.

Those are colorful hair trend and also pastel accent trends. Do you know what it means when you are agree to wear this new trend on your hair? It means you will get a bigger chance to look simply stunning in the New Year, especially during the winter season.

Since there are a lot variations of pastel bubblegum hair available right now, certainly it will not be hard for you to find the best one to match your daily look or even the fashion style you love the most. Get more inspirations about this new trend and be ready to welcome the New Year in such a more stunning look.

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