Cake Stand Designs

Cake Stands with Columns

Another alternative for showing wedding cakes includes utilizing cake stands with columns. A cake stand in this class utilizes some sort of columns and bases in the middle of every level of the cake. The columns can shift in size, with taller columns giving more tallness. The cake stand with columns makes more stature than the conventional stacked wedding cake. To make this look, buy sets that accompany the base stand and columns.

  • Base Stand

The main layer of the cake either lays on a base stand with no stature or columns holding the base up.

  • High Columns

Another alternative is to have the base level of the cake laying on columns.

  • Focal point Under the Cake

For cakes with columns holding up the primary layer of the cake, candles, wellsprings, theme stylistic theme or a focal point can be shown under the cake.

  • Purchasing Alternatives

Rather than columns, different separators, similar to glass globes or wire spirals can likewise be utilized to supplement your wedding theme.

  1. Roman Column Level Set: This set comes in white. It incorporates an arrangement of six Roman-style columns and a cake plate on the best and base of the columns. The columns stand 13 ¾” high and the plate is 18″ round.
  2. Acrylic 4-Column Cake Stand: Four columns in a roman-style configuration made of acrylic holds a 15″ cake plate. The stand tallness is 15.5″.
  3. Scalloped Cake Stand: This cake stand is made of fired. The scalloped edge gives the cake separator plate a completed look. The stand comes in 9″ and 11″ alternatives.

The Coasting Cake Stand

Another sort of cake stand is the drifting stand. This holds the bases over each other by a focal stabilizer that lies behind the cake, giving an appearance that the levels of the cake are ‘coasting’ on their individual bases. This sort of cake stand is by and large utilized with a three-layered cake as a variety from the three-layered generally stacked wedding cake.

  1. Round skimming levels cake stand: This white metal gliding cake stand incorporates three coasting cake plates of 8″, 12″ and 16″. The stand crumples and creases for simple stockpiling.
  2. Cakes and more 3-level gathering stand: This plastic 3-teier skimming cake stand looks like metal however is extremely plastic. To its most astounding point, the cake stand estimates 13″ high and 13″ wide. As opposed to a stacked gliding look, this cake stand has levels that flank the side of the base cake plate.
  3. Elegant levels cake stand: This cream hued metal stand estimates 29 ½” by 12 1/2″ and holds three distinctive cake plates-8″, 10″ and 12″, which implies the cakes can quantify 6″, 8″ and 10″ round.

Pivoting Cake Stands

Pivoting cake stand permits wedding cake planners to turn the cake as they adorn it. Spinning cake stands likewise make it less demanding to put a wedding cake in plain view and modify it to fit any point. These cake stands are physically turned.

  1. Electric spinning stand: Place a cake specifically on this electric turning stand or utilize it as a base for a stacked wedding cake. Connect the stand to and the wedding cake pivots consequently.
  2. Glass rotating cake stand: This contemporary cake stand includes a glass plate and metal base. The plate holds up to 12″ cakes and pivots 360 degrees physically.

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