Differences in IELTS and General IELTS Academic Exams

Academic IELTS is one type of IELTS that is often passed by study enthusiasts abroad. Besides IELTS academic, there are also other types of IELTS, general IELTS. Although both are held by IELTS, the designation is very different. IELTS academic tests are used for those who wish to continue their studies at foreign universities. Meanwhile, for general IELTS is used for those of you who want to work or just internship abroad. Because of the differences in this designation, it was clear that the tests were also different. Here are the differences in tests for academic IELTS and general IELTS:

# Listening and Speaking Tests
Broadly speaking, for listening and speaking tests on both IELTS and general IELTS academic experience no significant difference. Both of them will test your ability to speak English through question and answer and discussion. Usually, you are asked to tell about yourself and the experience of the organization, then the examiner gives questions related to your story. In addition, you will also be asked to discuss a particular topic and argue with the examiner. Not only fluency in English, in this test you will also be tested for the ability to explore a problem.

# Reading test
For the IELTS reading section, there are two striking differences between academic and general IELTS, namely the complexity of reading and the level of difficulty and understanding of questions.
• The modules given to the academic are longer and more complex than general IELTS modules.
• Reading and academic questions are more difficult than general IELTS. Readings and questions in general IELTS are shorter and easier to understand.

# Writing test
In academic IELTS, the writing test will display a graph that must be read and explained by the test participants. In other words, assessment does not only focus on fluency in English, but also the ability to analyze a graph or table in depth. Meanwhile, in general or general IELTS, the writing test is to describe an event or topic that is not far from everyday life.

From the differences above, if you are still confused about having to take an IELTS test which is because it is not certain to be used to study or work, it would be better if you take an academic IELTS test. Why? Because, in general, people who take academic IELTS tests are also likely to be able to take the general IELTS test. Conversely, people who follow general IELTS, usually experience a lot of difficulties when working on the questions displayed on academic IELTS tests. This means that when you have determined the exact designation of the IELTS test score, you can be sure to have a high score, both in academic and general IELTS tests.

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