The Result and Scale Band of IELTS

After the previous article, this article will continue what has been explained in the previous article. Let’s understand these explanations!

IELTS Test Results
You will receive a Test Report Form that shows scores for the four skills tested (Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking), as well as the overall score. If you want to get the high score you have to prepare and learn seriously the IELTS material. Beside that, you can also search many information about the ielts tips. For example, you may use this ielts reading tips;
You have to get used to reading academic literature such as science books, journals, magazines, and newspapers. If you read something you don’t understand, immediately search for meaning in Indonesian, also in English in the dictionary and note it! Thus, the vocabulary of your difficult vocabulary will be richer, and useful for all sections. You can practice reading skimming and scanning a lot so that you can answer questions quickly and precisely.
Then, you may look for the tips of IELTS writing and the others so you are able to do the IELTS writing task and the others.

Scale 9 Band IELTS Test
The Band 9 (user who is expert)
In this band, the user has fully mastered the ability to speak English: able to use it accordingly, precisely, smoothly, and with full understanding. It means that he/she has been able to do well the IELTS speaking test.

The Band 8 (user who is very good)
Having fully mastered the ability to speak English, only sometimes there is a mismatch or inaccuracy. Sometimes there is misunderstanding in unfamiliar situations. Able to master complex and detailed arguments well.

The Band 7 (user who is good)
Having mastered the ability to speak English, only occasionally there are discrepancies, inaccuracies, and misunderstandings in certain situations. In general, they have mastered complex languages well and understand detailed reasoning.

The Band 6 (user who is competent)
In general, it has been effective in mastering English language skills even though there are often inconsistencies, inaccuracies, and misunderstandings. Can understand and use complex language adequately, especially in familiar situations.

The Band 5 (the modest user)
In this band, the user has mastered some English skills. He/she understands general meanings in many situations even though they often make mistakes.

The Band 4 (user which is limited)
Basic competencies are limited to familiar situations. The user often has problems understanding and expressing information or ideas and unable to use complex language.

The Band 3 (user which is extremely limited)
In this band, the user is only able to understand and convey general meaning in situations that are very familiar. Frequent communication failures.

The Band 2 (user which is intermittent)
The user is very difficult to understand spoken and written English. It is impossible to build communication except for very basic information or meeting urgent needs.

The Band 1 (Non user)
The user does not have the ability to use English. He/she can only use a few words at random.
The results will be announced 13 days after the test. In some test centers, participants can take the test results on the 13th day, but most test results are sent by post on the 13th day. Test centers are not permitted to give test results via telephone or email or fax. You will only receive one Test Report Form. You cannot request it again if the sheet is lost. Test Report Form is valid for up to 2 years after publication.

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