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Even that might be pushing it so i feel like if your upload speed is anything like mine or well above it just try keeping it anywhere from 30 750 to 5,000 until you find the sweet spot with your computer being the bear rate does cause your pc to slow down a bit so that’s why don’t i commend making your bitrate the exact same as what your upload speed is and one thing i do want you guys to keep in mind is that you are sharing these speeds with the rest of your house so unless you live alone you you want to keep in mind that someone might be watching netflix downstairs or downloading a big file in a different room so if you are streaming at the same time as someone else using the internet that much then you might cause the whole house to lag if your speeches aren’t that great, to begin with anyways moving on from that leave your encoder at x264 or whatever comes closest to that and then for the audio bitrate i usually leave mine at 160 but it’s really just personal preference on the kind of audio setup that you have anyways from there you can click on apply tv2 malaysia you don’t have to worry about the recording

Because this isn’t a video for recording if you guys do want to see my video on recording I’m gonna have it linked in the description below but anyways from there once we hit apply we can move on to the audio tab so the first thing that shows up on my screen is the sample rate and i usually just leave that at the default one which is 44.1 for channels that leave that a stereo and then moving on from that we have the desktop audio device and this is essentially what you hear from your computer so you want to make it your headset or really whatever your sound actually goes to when you’re like playing games or listening to music or anything like that so that’s why i have mine set to my headset earphone which is my astro a40 s but in case as you have like earbuds or something else just make it whatever it actually matches up with whatever your settings are from there you don’t really usually ever have to do anything with the second desktop audio device so usually do that disable and then moving on from that we have the mic auxilary device and just do your computer’s microphone so if you have one on your headset select that but if you have like an external mic like myself just like that and that’s what i did with my microphone which is a yeti stereo microphone also known as the blue yeti mic and then once you do

This way your viewers will actually be able to hear you talk and they’ll also be able to hear what’s actually happening on a computer whether you’re listening to music and a disc or playing games or really whatever you’re doing i usually just leave the other two disabled leave that fast and basically the default settings right here as well click on apply and then from there you can move on to the video tab so for this part i’m probably have different numbers in you and don’t worry i’m gonna actually explain what you probably have in your screen as well because i don’t want you guys to get confused or anything like that so anyways your base canvas resolution which is the first drop-down menu that appears it should be set to what your screen dimensions are my screens are 1440p monitors so my stay at 2560 by 1440 the second number after the x is usually like the quality of whatever we’re talking about there’s a really high chance that you have a 1080p monitor so if that’s the case just go ahead and change this to 1920 by 1080 which for me is the second option and for you it’s most likely gonna be the first one.

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