How to Plan a Wedding Without Losing Your Mind

How to Plan a Wedding – Planning a wedding can be a wonderful experience, but it can also be annoying. Between trying to understand finances, helping family members and coordinating important and emotional events, these can all be very stressful. What did all the beautiful bridesmaids do? Find out how to plan a wedding without losing your mind in this practical guide.

How to Plan a Wedding

Rule number one: Always remember that the reason behind marriage is marriage. In an effort to plan a “perfect” marriage, many brides do not see the purpose of the event. It’s not about feeling like a princess for a day or seeing how many gifts people can get rid of, it’s about celebrating a loving couple’s marriage. Brides who might think about the importance of their marriage will be much easier to leave the small things without stress. Read also How to Plan a Wedding Table Decorations

Rule number two: No one will examine your marriage with the same intensity as you. Believe me, if the laundry service provides napkins that are not bleached instead of ivory, no one will notice but you. Don’t ruin your day by whistling in a small matter. They are not a big problem unless you make it. This also means that you don’t exceed your budget because you fear your guests feel your marriage is failing if your monogram is not projected onto the dance floor or becomes a celebrity baker. Your guests are your family and friends. they like you well and are not there to eat details in every detail (and they, frankly, you will never satisfy them, so be sure to go breathe).

Rule number three: Never say “this is my day” when you talk about your marriage. No, no! Is this really the day for your fiance (do you remember him?), Your parents and even your friends. When brides start talking about marriage as a holiday, they say that everything must be better for them and that they don’t care about others. That’s not cool! What is the point of planning a perfect wedding if no one can support you when that day arrives? Be kind to everyone involved. Ask your fiance’s opinions from time to time. Thank your servants for their help with special bridesmaid gifts (never miss a bridesmaid’s gift on the grounds that her butt is tight for a wedding!). Respect your mother’s opinion, even if you respectfully choose to ignore her advice.

Rule number four: Smile! Maybe you can’t have everything you want for your wedding, but you can still have a beautiful marriage. Fun works in both directions; Brides are good at their bridesmaids, their mothers and wedding vendors will find many greedy assistants when they need help. Remember that marriage is such an exciting and treat event. The light you feel when you finally say “I want” will make it all useful for headaches that appear along the way, and you will be a happier wife to maintain a good attitude. Read also How to Plan a Wedding Decoration

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