Multi-cam Live Streaming Tutorial

The stuff and you know there’s a whole lot of advanced things when it when you get the ATM switch or you can you can do which I’m not even going to get into but again if you’re really interested once you buy it you’ll be able to play around with the stuff there’s a lot more you can do over like graphics and things like that but anyway so this is kind of thing so if I wanted to now arm let’s see the other camera I have here which is the high 5 then I can now go here and you can see I can cut and now we’re you know actually recording there the is 5 so that’s the camera right now that you guys are seeing me through and that’s how you can have multiple cameras set up in your studio and that’s the great thing about Tv3 Malaysia

The Sol setups that you can have multiple sources so with the ATM switcher you can actually have up to eight video sources so for SDI inputs and four HDMI inputs now you can also convert them to or not you can get a converter box but anyway so you can see these are my eight buttons one two three four five six seven eight and I can just switch it so I don’t have anything on six seven eight but I have a CP and on one but on number two I have my GH five camera number three is my computer here that again I can for example now play that intro number four is mother laptop that I use up here and this is what I used when for example I have a guest on the show and

The guest is on pause is joining me its risque p– and then he’ll actually be able to basically I can Skype up here and whatever I’m seeing up here is gonna be visible up here on the screen and basically up here right now would you see my desktop from Atlanta computer and then I guess it here’s my main camera here so I can cut back to my main camera so that’s kind of how it’s done now one thing to keep in mind is that for the ATM switches to work every video source that you have has to be basically the same so at the same resolution and

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