The How to Use OBS Studio

The key settings first we’ll take a look at the general settings where you have several languages that you can choose from and give a choice among three themes which will change the way that OBS looks I personally prefer the dark theme if you’re streaming and you want to save a copy of your live stream to your desktop you would check automatically record rent streaming if your computer is not that powerful it may be best to leave this unchecked in the stream category streaming services is the most common stream type you can choose from different services including twitch youtube

And many others for server you can leave it on auto or manually change it to a location closer to you which in my case would be Dallas Texas and the stream key section is where you’d paste the key from the service you’re using in output we’ll look at the simple mode the streaming and recording settings here will work for most of you if you are streaming you may want to increase the video bitrate to 3,000 or 3,500 just don’t make it so high that people have difficulty streaming your broadcast

If you are recording recording paths where you want your files to be saved set the recording quality to high recording format to mp4 and encoder to Hardware here at the bottom you’ll see a warning for mp4 listed just ignore it i’ve never had an issue using that format with OBS next is audio you shouldn’t need to make any changes here I use a sample bit rate of 48 has explained earlier the desktop audio records your computer sounds – on default and you can also choose your microphone here in video there are key points to go over in this setting I can’t show you the drop-down menus while recording is active but for

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