BEST LEARN OBS IN 30 MINUTES Complete Tutorial for Beginners 2019

And all that I’m gonna stop the stream there just remember to check your actual stream on the website before you get too far into recording your video so next let’s do streaming to youtube some people like to do that particularly if you’re not into gaming so under this stream tab we change the service to youtube you can see that there’s other services too but mostly it’s Twitter youtube that people use so it’s the same idea here we just need a different stream key now in order to get our youtube stream key or to stream to youtube we want to go to slash live underscore dashboard and tvmelayu

If we scroll down to the bottom of the page here there’s going to be server URL which we don’t really need that’s already included in OBS and the stream name slash key so we want to reveal this and copy it so I have my stream key copied we go to OBS and paste it in and you can choose either the primary or the secondary backup server but primary is gonna be fine unless it’s down so let’s do that hit OK and let’s do a stream to youtube for a few seconds so when you start streaming it should show up here you should see the green 4 going live elapsed time and once it refreshes you should see whatever you’re recording also show up on the little preview window here so we can see we’ve got

The OBS logo streaming there and that’s basically the idea so of course there’s going to be a few more in niche settings inside of OBS that you can play around with and learn as you go but for the most part i’ve shown you guys how you can record how you can stream and set up your scenes with sources so that you can record what you want to record or stream online if you need to do that so hopefully you guys have learned a lot from this tutorial I hope it wasn’t too long – Chris thanks for watching and I will see you guys in my future video

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