3 Legendary Westlife Songs Most Suitable for the Medium Kasmaran

For Westlife 90s children can be said to be a vocal legend group whose fame is equal or may even exceed One Direction.

Westlife besides being famous for his handsome and vocally powerful member, he is also famous for his romantic songs that represent the feelings of every person who is in love. Come nostalgia with Westlife love songs below.

1.I Lay My Love On You

The song I Lay My Love On You depicts a man who had never before felt the beauty of love and now managed to find his heart. Even in the early lyrics describe if the man feels if his lover’s smile can make the rain stop.


2.I Wanna Grow Old With You

I Want to Grow Old With You is very suitable to listen to for couples who are experiencing LDR. Tells about someone who is separated from his lover, who realizes that his days with his lover are very valuable. To make him realize if his love is so strong that it feels like he doesn’t want to be separated again to spend the rest of his life with his lover.


3.Nothing’s Gonna Change My Love For You

Songs that illustrate how much someone’s love for a partner can be, so that no reason can change their feelings of love. Even if the world changes it, the feeling of love remains the same and does not change at all.


The beauty of love is not enough if it is drawn only with songs. So between the songs above, which one describes your feelings?

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