Make An Application For Rewards Credit Card Online &ndash Finheal

A free account number is really a unique number designated with a lender to some credit card customer. On the credit card, the account number is generally embossed and encoded evidently from the plastic.

Eligibility of Credit Card:

Age ought to be twenty five years.

She or he ought to be getting one credit card numbers that work.

Platinum Maxima Card

Credit Card Benefits:-

Benefits Worth 20,000

Airport terminal Lounge Access

Free Movie Tickets

Bonus Reward Points

Maxima Rewards

You get 2 reward points for each 100 allocated to all of your purchases.

5X Rewards

Earn 5 occasions reward points if you use your card for Dining, Entertainment, Electricity Bill Repayments as well as Fuel.

Now all worldwide purchases provides you with 5 occasions more rewards, causeing this to be card the neatest method to pay when you’re abroad.

Annual Spend Bonus

Make use of your card for purchases of two Lakhs or even more each year and obtain 10,000 reward points.

Get additional 10,000 reward points on further achieving 3.5 Lakhs of annual spends around the card

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