Apple End Beats Music Service

After launching Apple Music for Android, Apple decided to close a service similar to Beats Music.

Rap singer Beats audio company Dr. Dre, which Apple acquired in 2014, had indeed been used as a boost for the company’s revenue in the online music business. Now that Apple Music has been born, Apple feels ready to close Beats Music, effective from November 2015.

Citing the PC World site, Apple will focus on the transition of Android users who want to use Apple Music.

“Beats Music will end on November 30. Your subscription will be canceled, but you can move to Apple Music from now on,” wrote Beats executive Dale Bagwell on the Beats Music page.

He continued, “on Apple Music, you will get better-recommended music recommendations, 24-hour global radio with Beats 1, interesting content from favorite musicians, and others.”

The CEO, Tim Cook had announced last month that Apple Music users had reached 15 million, of which 6.5 million had activated paid services, while 8.5 million were still in free trial services.

Since its launch in January 2014, Beats has been difficult to reach many users and was considered a failure to compete with Spotify, a commercial online music service that maintains digital rights content from well-known record labels such as Sony, EMI and Warner Music Group. Spotify, released in 2006, has more than 10 million users in the second quarter of 2014.

Cook once stated that streaming applications were a major factor in his decision to acquire Beats. So, the fusion of Beats Music more deeply in the iOS operating system is expected to be able to compete in the market and carve significant revenue.

Beats acquired by Apple in May 2014 worth US $ 3 billion, which was broken down into US $ 2.6 billion in cash and the remainder, US $ 400 million in shares.

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