Improving Your IELTS Listening and Reading Skills

IELTS Reading Tips – There are many students asked about “ How do they improve their reading and listening skills?”. The easiest answer is to listen and read more. However, this is might not the best answer because you have to know how to practice and get good material sources for listening and reading. So, you can get both of ielts reading tips and ielts listening tips.

How to practice your reading and listening skill?

IELTS Reading Tips – Actually, there are two types of reading and listening skills, they are passive and active practice. One of them was very common, however, it might less effective, but another will improve your skill significantly in the shorter time. Passive listening is when you just listening to a song, news, people talking around and so on. And you just do nothing, shortly you do not really think what you actually listen about. This is also necessary to know IELTS listening tips. Passive reading means that you read something, but you do not take any step to think or learn from what you have read.

IELTS Reading Tips – Active reading and listening practice

When you are actively listening to something, you might listen to less information, but you think in a deeper way. The deeper way about what you just listening also means that you learn more effective and efficient way, such as instead of listening to the news around 30 minutes, then you might need to listen to 3-minutes news but you also think about any new phrases or words that you just hear, guessing those words and note them in your vocabulary book. For active reading means despite reading a full chapter for 30 minutes, you just read one paragraph, but you think about its function and grammar in each sentence. Then you will try to use the same function and grammar into your own writing.

Active reading and listening required you to think and o more than just sitting comfortably and expect that your English skill will magically be stored in your brain, however, it will cut your preparation time and drive you to the significant improvement. This is not recommended to do them at once. This is better to start focused on the area where you were weakest. Thus, if you really struggling with the pronunciation, then you can keep a focus on that think. It is also increasing your speaking skill because you will continually think on how native speakers talk.

Where you can find the best sources for practice?

Firstly, you do not waste all of your time by listening and reading IELTS test. Sometimes, they just boring and you will feel bored and get tired quickly. You should practice doing IELTS test, but it only takes around 10 to 20 percent of your preparation time for listening and reading practice. Then another 90 to 80 percent should spend to listen or read something that you feel interested, or even you can enjoy it better.


Podcast had taken over from radio and many people like it. You are able to download them for just stream them using lots of websites and apps as well. There are so many podcasts out there, you only need to search and find one that you like most. After you find out some podcasts that you like, then you can listen to them anytime and anywhere as much as you want. They also perfect for active listening practice because you can pause them play them/


Once again, there are so many channels and shows that you can find on youtube. Of course, you are able to find out ielts material that you like.

Ted Talks

This is a short lecture that shows you with interesting topics. They often explain about what will you find in the IELTS speaking and writing test.

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