Bali Vacation And Things You Must Do Or Not Do In This Island

Bali vacation is all about exploring the island as “paradise”. But, it is important to note that you should be careful. Otherwise, you may leave your vacation with health problem, injuries, and no good memories. So, here we have some tips to prevent these bad things to happen. Simply, you should follow what you must or must not do during your Bali full day tour.

1. Your Etiquette

The main attraction of the island is the culture. Tourists are sometime, unintentionally violating the tenets of the culture that can offend the locals. Therefore, just in case you want to mingle with the locals, make sure that you follow their etiquette. You should dress modestly when you are entering a temple in Bali. As the temple guests, you should wear shirts that cover your shoulders or your upper arms. A temple scarf is what you need to cover the waist and you need to wear sarong to cover your legs.

2. Bali Vacation And The Safety Tips

It is not easy to stay safe in Bali because the island is full of tourists at all the season of the year. The roads in Bali are chaotic. Theft, hotel breaking, and other crimes are possible to happen.  It is better not to smoke in the public areas. It is forbidden to smoke in most public areas such as temples, hotels, restaurants, and tourist attractions when you are in Bali.

3. Money Changing Tips

Money changers can be dishonest so you must find the most reputable ones. You can find more reputable banks in Bali, or use ATMS to withdraw your cash from your bank account. The best thing to do is to trust only the money changers Bank Indonesia have recognized their establishments. For example, you can try any money changers with the status as authorized money changer with the PVA Berizin shield.

4. Transportation Tips

If you ask to us the best transportation in Bali, take the most honest option, blue taxis known as Bali Taxi. It is also popular as Blue Bird Taxis.

5. Beach Safety

When you are visiting beaches, make sure that you check the red flags. If you see the local authorities raise the red flags on the beach, it means you should not swim there.

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