Song Meaning About “Fiersa Besari”

“Since when do you like coffee?” my comment on the display pictorial was sad with a picture of smoke in a cup of coffee. Dp likens, that he will be calmer when accompanied by a cup of solid black drink. Well, that’s how it is.

A minute passed, “Since no one cares,” accompanied by a fake smile emoticon. I paused for a moment, returning the memory of the event yesterday afternoon. I did share Tere Liye’s posts, which contained words like this. “Don’t be easy to care about and then not be disappointed.” Maybe he had begun to interpret and concluded that I would not care about him. Ah man, why don’t you ever feel sensitive to the thoughts of women around you. How could I not care, while changing every second feeling of fear and anxiety always surrounded.

You should know to download lagu , there is a pretext that is strong enough for my fingers when I click share in Tere Liye’s post that has taken the past 20 hours. I know you’re currently disappointed, even very reluctant to read my sometimes poetic status. But, as you like, I’m the first person who wants to prevent you from being disappointed by my attitude. Sorry for the twilight that had turned the afternoon sky into the night.

I’m really jealous, seeing your friendly schedule for women. Uh, but I don’t care, all I know is that you have spread between the pulses that turn me on, and vice versa, right? I hope you answer yes. But somehow there was a wind from which direction, suddenly Saturday evening, when I was still sitting on a half-soft chair while looking at the face of the silver Acer laptop. I suddenly sent you a short message, “Heart Reunion”, so I said that the reunion would be happy, then followed by two words, heart reunion. “He meant”, he replied for quite a long time, maybe it was indeed engrossed in replying to comments that seemed to make my sentence collapse. I just reply to normal, feel ignorant and half cared. But if I may be honest I regret making him disappointed for the umpteenth. For a second I thought, I’m just a blood type O, 20 years old who admires you, uh I mean it’s raining. Yes, ordinary women sometimes make mistakes when making a mistake.

Especially when viewing the fb activity stating that you are replying to a comment, I click without thinking for a long time. AW? yups a female from Java but lives in West Pasaman. Someone who has made your days miss him, actually I was hard to express about him. But I understand little, I’ve been in your position and that’s normal. A person with an ex title is back to friends with someone who has been a mooring. But one who doesn’t think for me, you send a portrait that I like enough. Your photo that was past time was on your BBM account.

Honestly if you want to know, after seeing the photo, I saved it in the cellphone gallery. Then edit it and I put a photo that I think is the best to juxtapose next to your drawing. I immediately chose the red hijab photo. Let it look like it is right, sometimes I guess that you will like it when I do this. And what do you know, a moment later I did. I shifted the phone screen, pressed the Whatsapp icon and then changed the wallpaper with our faces. Ah I’m happy, even though it’s just me and your picture who knows. Sometimes I smile to myself. But that smile only lasted a while since I saw the photo upload in the comments column. Ah, I’m starting to spell out his name.

You know, when I commented on your DP last night, I was at war with my own ego. Do I have to be really disappointed in you, or let you accept disappointment over my attitude. Actually I need a pause to recover, but caring first offers to be the bravest person to ask since when you like coffee. Hah, but finally my efforts didn’t work, I tried to contact your number three or four times, but you flatly refused by not picking it up. Well last night was the heaviest rain that had ever broken down from my two eye holes. But I did not stop there, I tried pressing the keys hard on a cellphone with no camera and no memory. When I saw the name Ucok, I immediately thought of you. With half-disbelief I contacted Ucok.

Well, we talked like normal friends who had been together for almost 48 full moon. I’m not just chatting with Ucok, Wawan and Rowi are fighting over each other wanting to chat with me. They still haven’t changed, always become friends who can melt the atmosphere. Moreover, the Rowi, a man from Jambi who I called the Kubu (Tribal Inland) boy, suddenly he grabbed to talk, he said when you went to Dharmasraya. A place where I was born and began to get acquainted with the universe, so until finally you met me. Yeah right, admit ?? You were the first to comment on the hobby

my status, asking for a fuel pin, id Line until finally I offer my telephone number. Hahaha, I know you asked for it from Lusi right, Lusi has told you a little about you. Even said you were a good person. Well, I admit you are good, but sometimes annoying.

We returned to the man from Jambi, after I answered sometime. He even asked, when did you merid? hah I said half screaming. Then I answered casually look for his soul mate. Haha, he laughed and said that he already had his hospital without feeling guilty. Hey, RS has become my past in my heart. I haven’t had the chance to answer, it seems Ucok reclaimed his cellphone from Rowi’s arm. At first I did not discuss you, but Ucok attacked me with questions, Oya Mas R how are you? he said half-laughter. I don’t know my answer is simple without thinking anything. I don’t know, finally I looked for another reason not to discuss it. But again he discussed your name. I’m happy, but I don’t want to show that pleasure to your friends. He doesn’t deserve to know about us, yes, even though I think we are just us, who are sometimes always together in likes or disappointments.

Actually I like to chat with Ucok, especially what you are talking about. But Ucok said it was late, I said yes I will go to bed soon. And since I heard about you from Ucok, I just understood. You are the most friendly person to anyone without ex-ex. Sorry, I can’t understand the side of your life which is sometimes the opposite of bad weather in my thinking. After putting the cellphone next to my bed, I pulled an Android cellphone whose casing had started to fade. I opened a list of the latest songs that I just added, including some Korean songs that you sent some time ago, pop songs that I really like. Until my eyes fell in love with the Fiersa Besari song, with the “Waktu yang salah” title. About the lyrics.

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