How To Use OBS Studio To Live Stream – Twitch and YouTube 2019

The output tab so I’m not going to be doing anything with the recording because I already have a tutorial for that if you want to know how to just record videos locally with this program then I have tutorial for that I will leave a link in the description to that video if you I want to go watch that great tutorial as well so okay for streaming audio tracks don’t worry about those just select one encoder if you have an Nvidia graphics card then choose NV e NC if you don’t then choose x264 so I always choose NBN C because it is the best it use what it does is it uses your graphics card and your CPU at the same time so that it increases performance

If you choose x264 it’s only going to be using your processor for the rendering and encoding it stuff so long story short you have an Nvidia card choose mbank and in for streaming services encoder settings I uncheck that okay rescale output so this is going to be what your screen is set to so I’m just going to uncheck this if you already set over here at the video that will put scale resolution to 720p or whatever you’re streaming that either way I just have this unchecked don’t do that that’s bad idea so the bitrate that’s going to be what you checked over here so say you’re streaming at 1080p right you would have to select a bit rate from anywhere from 3,000 to 6,000 kilobits per second and

If you go in 1080p 60fps then you go anywhere from 4500 to 9000 kilobits per second same thing with 720 and 720p 60fps just work with whatever bitrate you want so I’m going to go with 5,000 bitrate because it’s within this range so let me go ahead and just for the bitrate I’m going to go ahead and input 5000 just like that simple for the key frame interval you want to go to seconds preset default profile main level Auto use to pass encoding yes and CBR unchecked don’t leave that checked GPU zero zero means automatic so it’ll automatically choose the best GPU you have

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