Best Currency Trading for Beginners

the day you’re trading using leverage so you may only have to put up half a percent or one percent value of the position so you have a situation where a small sum of money can control a much bigger financial position of course that gives you the potential for greater profits but hand-in-hand with that goes the risk of bigger losses which is why it’s important I think to manage the risk using stop losses and we’ve done plenty of videos about how you might want to use stop losses the last thing we might want to look at is what moves foreign exchange pairs the short answer and maybe not too helpful is potentially everything can have an impact on the currency markets you know from things like interest rates for example jadwal tv

if the interest rates in one country higher than the interest rates in another country that can make that currency appealing but hand in hand with that sometimes higher interest rates mean maybe a weaker economy so that can make money flow the other way things like unemployment numbers have an impact as well and as we’ve seen you know in the past from 12 to 18 months political events can have an impact the great example of that is the pound you know we’ve seen the pound very volatile since the referendum vote in June 2016 so all of these things can come together an effect of foreign exchange markets so that’s it that’s it that’s a brief introduction to some of the basic mechanics of foreign exchange now every week we do different videos on trading strategies but

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