Wedding Toasts – Tips For the Best Man, Bride & Groom

Wedding Toasts – it’s time to toast the happy couple! Marriage toast and speech can sometimes cause anxiety – but don’t let them. Enjoy your moment in the center of attention, and take advantage of this situation with some preparation.

wedding toast

Your best man, honor servant and other special guests may ask about the right talk time – so it’s good to have an idea beforehand. You and your fiance may also want to prepare some expressions of thanks for your parents, your guests or each other. Every marriage is different; discuss and layout a common “time line for baking” before the celebration begins.

Who makes a toast?
Traditionally the best men, female servants and parents of both brides will say something during the event. However, close friends, the two brides themselves or anyone who has something to say is welcome to toast.

When to toast?
When to toast all depends on the nature of your marriage. If your reception will be a cocktail or buffet style reception, your guests will probably never gather at the same place and time to hear a toast. Another option is to hold a formal wedding, such as a male companion speech, during a training dinner. At the dinner party, the bride’s father cheats to start the meal. Catering You can arrange an official champagne toast, give champagne glasses for each guest before the best man’s speech or the father of the bride. Cheers can actually occur at any time during the reception – between courses, after meals, during cutting cakes etc. Try to give your event coordinator a prior time estimate, so he can gather your guests to listen.

How to respond
Everyone must toast a new partner except the bride and groom, who remains seated (unless they have stood). When someone cheats the bride, they must smile and say thank you. They should not clap or drink for themselves. If you just toast the bride, the groom must go up. If a toast is directed at another parent or guest, the bride and groom must get up.

When the new bride cheers
This is a wonderful opportunity to openly recognize your family and friends for their love and support. If the bride and groom toast, they may not speak in unison (this sounds obvious, but you will be surprised. They even have to stand together while talking or taking turns talking.

What to say
Wedding toast must be light, pleasant, and rated G. Avoid saying anything you won’t say to the bride’s grandmother’s face. Be short. Nothing is more awkward than the best man’s long-winded speech – less than two perfect minutes. All speakers must start by introducing themselves. While toast must include funny memories or anecdotes, avoid too many jokes inside that exclude the majority of guests. Your jokes will be greeted quietly if only a few listeners understand! Finally, a wedding toast must mention the bride and groom, even if the speaker only knows one or the other. And if the spotlight is on you and suddenly you lose your words, try to wait long, “I’m very happy for you two. Cheerful!” It never goes out of style.

How to say it
It’s smart to prepare beforehand, but always try to speak from the heart. Reading from a card seems insincere and awkward.

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