Best Running Man Episodes with Highest Ratings

Before the “Running Man” variety show really ended, our page would recommend the 14 best running man episodes that must be re-watch again. Taken from here is the list.

Episode 116, many witty mini-games involve cool actors in silly action. For example, when the talent enters a room that makes them seems like children again.

best running man episodes

Episode 130, cast members live a lifetime, wear traditional Korean clothes from the past, and then they get reincarnated – but they don’t know who they have reincarnated into. This episode is a little bit confusing but still funny.

Episode 150, this episode is considered as one of the best running man episodes because everyone gets super powers, but some people are embarrassed by that power. Besides that, the scary guests kept coming, and the Running Man’s “Avengers” were even scared.

Episode 213, one might think that an episode containing only a female cast would face a mild challenge. In this episode they all play very evil antagonist roles in the drama. They act envious but still ridiculous, that’s why audiences confirmed this episode as one of the best running man episodes.

Episode 139, Go Ara and Lee Yeon Hee are adorable in this episode. Go Ara tried her best and Lee Yeon Hee was actually pretty good on Dodgeball but really didn’t understand in the last game, which caused some antics.

Episode 155, this is a very thrilling episode. Lots of plot twists and interesting moments that make the audience wonder what happened. This is a story that is very well thought out with an awake plot twist.

Episode 225, audiences are falling in love again with Kim Woo Bin in this episode, the introvert who is determined to win! The chemistry that is established with Lee Kwang Soo is so strong in packing his own comedy.

Episode 238, another funny episode, Kim Seo Hyung and Ye Ji Won become ‘weird noona’. The audience seemed to be shaken up in the stomach without end. Behind Kim Seo Hyung’s awkwardness, his comments for Kim Jong Kook are quite funny. On the other hand, Ye Ji Won was a guest who became a star in this exciting episode.

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