IELTS Essay Band 8 – How to Score It?

IELTS Essay Band 8 – Though most universities in the world accept students that have 7.5s IELTS score or under, some top universities need a band 8. How IELTS essay band 8 is scored and how long it will take are the most common questions that the participants of the test ask. Well, get to know more about the IELTS essay on this following page.

IELTS Essay Band 8 – How to Score It?

The Key Factor
The very first thing that you have to understand about the way to score a band 8 of IELTS is that it is all about the band will be graded. The skill level of this essay test is for a very good user. It means that the participants of the test should have fully operational command of the language. There are only a few occasional unsystematic inaccuracies might occur. In addition, misunderstandings in this test may only occur in certain unfamiliar situations. The participants of the IELTS essay band 8 should be able to handle argumentation with complex detail too. The key factor of the essay band 8 of the IELTS test is the “fully operational command of the language”. It means that you should have a capability to use the operational command in all situations very well.

How to Score Essay in the IELTS Band 8
To pass this band 8, you need to produce a near perfect essay. It will be scored by using marks based on several criteria. They are task response or achievements, coherence & cohesion, lexical resource, as well as grammatical range & accuracy. In the task response, your answer should be based on ideas that are well developed and supported while in the coherence and cohesion, your answers should be in sequence and well managed. In this IELTS essay band 8, the lexical resources are marked with a wide range of vocabularies used. Meanwhile, the grammatical range and accuracy are marked with the error-free sentences.

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