How to Check Smartfren 4G Pulse Simple And Easy

Smartfren is one of the providers that was originally known as the King of CDMA. Since the beginning of its launch, Smartfren has gained millions of customers until it can finally launch CDMA EVDO and 4G LTE Advanced products. Smartfren products do get a high appreciation from the people of Indonesia, especially the cheap Internet package products are festive. Especially since the appearance of the 4G LTE network, increasingly improving the loyal user of Smartfren which originally only 12 million users in 2016, is now expected to increase up to 20 million active users.

However, although many use Smartfren cards, there are still many users who do not know how to check Smartfren credit. It is quite basic for the first-card users because, with the pulse check, you can find out how much balance you have to sleep until it runs out. Smartfren credits can be checked in some ways that will be discussed in this article. make some articles about how to check Smartfren credit which easily and the simple following:

Smartfren Credit Check Codes

Smartfren Credit Check code mentioned here is to check the remaining Balance through Dial menu, call center phone or by sending message to Smartfren operator.

1 How to check Smartfren credits via SMS

This is the easiest way to do because you simply send a message with a specific format to your Smartfren USSD number.

This USSD number is a number that will connect you with Smartfren by automatic message reply.

Check the balance through this way is quite easy, you simply go to the message menu on your phone and type “CHECK” (no quotation) and send it to 999.

Wait a few moments until you get an automatic reply message from Smartfren that contains the remaining balance information you have.

2 Ways to check Smartfren credits with Dial

Besides using the message to Smartfren operator, you can also use Smartfren pulse check by the dial.

As easy as the previous way, in this way you just need to go to the Dial menu on your phone and type * 999 #.

Wait a few moments until you see a notification SMS that gives you the remaining credit information you have.

3 Ways to check Smartfren credits with Call Center phone

How to check Smartfren modem balance
Using Smartfren credit Check codes can also be via the phone call center.

Easy and simple way, you only need to call Smartfren calls Center at 999, then press call/call.

Smartfren Operator will automatically tell you how much balance you have.

This way you can use when the position is on the go so it can’t read the phone’s message or screen.

Check out Smartfren Online credit

How to check credit online can be done in two ways, that is by opening the official website Smartfren Credit Check or install the app My pulse check Smartfren online.

If you do not want to worry about installing the My Smartfren application to check credit online, then you can choose how to check Smartfren credits with the website.

Both have almost the same function, namely providing a user-friendly platform for the users of Smartfren cards.

Go live, following each explanation and step of use.

1 Smartfren Credit Check through Smartfren official website

As a provider of telecommunications services that are quite large in Indonesia, Smartfren also has the official website that provides a variety of information about Smartfren SIM card products.

You can use Smartfren’s official website to check the pulse easily.

You can simply follow the steps below:

  • Go to Smartfren website at URL
  • To access this website, you need to create your Smartfren ID account by clicking the “Register” button.
  • You will be asked to fill in the data which includes Smartfren number used, username, UserID, password and password confirmation.
  • If all the data is already filled, continue to fill in the “Please fill in the Answer” field and tick the “I accept” option.
  • Then select the “Continue” button to complete the registration process.
  • For verification, you will be sent a verification code via SMS which must be entered in the fields available on the website.
  • If you are verified correctly, you will be offered access to the website to see how much balance you have.
  • Usually, the information is on the first page of your Smartfren ID profile.

How to check Smartfren credits through this website can be used as a way to check Smartfren credits in Laptop/PC or if you want to check your Smartfren modem.

You can use Smartfren’s website for other purposes such as Smartfren Internet package, check Smartfren data,

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