A simple dream house may have been your dream since the first. All kinds of preferred, then what is your choice? If you have to choose the big House of the palace or the small, comfortable residence that you will point to? Many choose a big house, not a little bit of a small residential enthusiast. Although it’s a small impression, a tiny simple dream house can be an interesting option. Looking at current conditions, a simple dream house is an interesting choice, considering property prices continue to increase over time.

It can not be denied…One of the obstacles faced by many people in realizing a simple dream house is the limitation of funds. People who had wanted to have a large house or residential with a wide yard… It should be a chest of the fact that the house price is now very expensive. Home prices will also be more expensive when the desired location is in a big city. Finally, a small house of good type so many people, especially the millennial Generals.

Tips for creating a simple dream house

Although the size of the building and the soil is not too big… There are many people who can create a simple and comfortable dream house to keep pace with the development of the Times. Examples are the houses below made on the land of about 100 m². Thanks to personal creativity as well as the help of architectural services, the small dream House is also successfully established. So curious,? Let’s look at the reviews on design, size, floor plan, and how to create a dream house that makes the residents satisfied and at home. Who knows, one of them can be your inspiration to create a simple dream house!

Airy and fresh home design
Developer-directed homes in a residential complex tend to be made with similar sizes and designs. The rooms in it have been divided so that it looks very small. Even so, it wouldn’t be an obstacle for someone to create their simple dream home. One of the houses that can be used as an example is the residence of Damaris Thanks to its success maximizing the space and function of a 3 × 3-meter park in the middle…The house with a building area of 80 m² and a land area of 105 square meters is also more fresh, bright, and beautiful.

Renovation by optimizing openings Dream House Damaris purchased the house in a developer’s native state. He said that the house is very close and minimal openings, so it feels tight and narrow. The business that Damaris did to change the situation was to renovate some parts of the house. Some of them are:


Use a wide-glazed folding door to replace the pre-installed dead window. As a result, the opening of the house became more and wider. The air and the light entering the house were much better than before. Dream House


The addition of buildings on the left wing of the previous house was empty. This area is used by Damaris as a kitchen, dining area, and laundry area. Its very limited size is simulated by making the room open-concept.


Make hallway/Selasar canopy outside the house. The gardens surrounding the park serve as a connecting path for outdoor doors, living rooms, and kitchens. Well, Buddy, really cool not a simple dream house inspiration above that? Hopefully, this review is helpful for you, yes! See more information about the simple dream House, only at

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