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Wedding Toasts – Tips For the Best Man, Bride & Groom

Wedding Toasts – it’s time to toast the happy couple! Marriage toast and speech can sometimes cause anxiety – but don’t let them. Enjoy your

How to Plan a Wedding Without Losing Your Mind

How to Plan a Wedding – Planning a wedding can be a wonderful experience, but it can also be annoying. Between trying to understand finances,

Wedding Dress Alterations : 10 things you need to know

Wedding dress alterations – What every bride must know before her first adaptation

Most brides already know that they need to change their clothes before they

Tips to Choosing Bride and Groom Gifts

Bride and Groom – According to the label, when you are invited to a wedding, you buy a gift for a happy couple.

The Origins of Favorite Wedding Traditions

Wedding traditions – Have you ever wondered how our marriage tradition has become traditional? Some of the origins and symbols of ancestral customs might surprise

Cake Stand Designs

Cake Stands with Columns

Another alternative for showing wedding cakes includes utilizing cake stands with columns. A cake stand in this class utilizes some sort of